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Hugot Airport | Life and Love Lessons sa Airport

Life is but a big airport, malawak, maingay, and you'll get lost at some point so you better heed the signs. Working in an airport is fun, I got the chance to meet different people from different countries and from all walks of life (big word!). It's amazing to find out that there are things about love and life that can be learned from an airport itself. Fasten your seat belt and let's go!

On getting to the airport on time...
    We should not be complacent just because we know we have a lot of time left and assume that everything will be smooth along the way. In life, we will trip over few bumps which will cause delay on our journey. There will be twists and turns which will consume some or much of our time. In the end, you will be in such a hurry to the point na magugulo na buong sistema. Minsan sa pagmamadali, diyan ka madadapa at matatauhan ka na if you could just turn back time, sana mas inagahan mo, sana naagapan mo, sana hanggang ngayon ay meron pang "KA…
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Live life to the fullest

All my life I always dreamed of money and power. But it is not until recently that I suffered depression and realized that these things doesn't make me happy. I wake up and sleep for the same reason -- work. I forgot that I have my life that I need to live to the fullest. Yes, I have bills to pay but I have to celebrate too this ephemeral event called LIFE. So that when sunset comes, I will look back on that well-lived and cherished life that many of us failed to achieve.

I saw a post on Facebook (below) about the last words of Steve Jobs. As we know, he is the man behind Apple and his name itself means success and power. The post is thought-provoking and really moved me to change the way I should live my life.
Steve Jobs' last words. He died a billionaire at 56yrs of Pancreatic Cancer and here are his last words on the sick bed: "I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In others’ eyes my life is an epitome of success. However, aside from work, I have littl…

Road to 30's: Things I want to do before I turn 30

Time really flies. Yesterday I was just a small thin boy in kindergarten but now I'm a tall, working man who have become the breadwinner of the family. I am still thin by the way. Sometimes I ask myself, how do I fare as a 26 year old man? At this age, I've only been to two countries. Worked and lived abroad for 2 years. But it feels like there's so many things left undone for me. Before I turn 30, I want to achieve most of these, if not all, to gratify myself, to live up my 20s to the fullest. The lists are random and in no particular order. 

1. Climb a mountain

2. Join and win a marathon

3. Attend a concert

4. Learn a sport
Seriously, I ain't got a serious sport! Okay, I handled a badminton racket, spike that volleyball, drove a bike, swam pools, but . I want some thing that I will do during my off days.
5. Travel to some countries

6. Tour my parents to a foreign country
7. Swim with whale shark

8. Go to a gym
9. Be fluent in another language

10. Be a quite famous blogge…

Two Years Poem

Two years ago in a vast, arid land,
There were mountains of golden sand From afar were thousands of palm tree,  Behind maybe is an oasis of opportunity Brave as the camel, my journey began. And I started making, Footprints in the desert sand.
Warm summer days remind me Of my good old days under the sun A sweet home is where I'd rather be But something here needs to be done
On cold winter nights I trembled My knees shook then my lips mumbled But tell me, is there more trembling? To find out you're alone sleeping?
Everyday I grew more despondent Weak I have become, broken, bent Countless times I wanted to give in For my walls are gently caving in Then I caught sandstorm in the middle How could this life be a riddle?
Two years had passed so easily Twenty four months vanished so quickly Can't believe how I managed to survive Breathing still and ought to be alive
Ninety six weeks in the blink of an eye Seven hundred thirty days has now gone by Every grain of sand had witnessed…


So there is this place in the neighborhood called Bengali Market. Why the name? Well, most of the vendors there hail from Bangladesh. They sell goods like fishes, vegetables and spices and stuffs like clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils, electronics, toys and anything under the sun. Yes, literally under the sun as the place is an open, quite vast parcel of land amidst hundreds of labour camps in the sprawling Sonapur area. So, they set up their shops, usually just by laying a carpet in the ground, when the sun is about to set. While the fishes and vegetables are fresh (should be), most of the unperishable items you can get in there were those that are used slightly, with minimal and unnoticeable factory defect, originals, Class A's, imitations, in good and bad conditions and so on.
Today, I went there and looked for a bag. Searching around, I met Mohammad, a man in his 50's, who, despite of the fact that he just came from duty and it's very hot that time, still managed to gi…

I'm Taking Off

It was a tough decision to make to finally let go of that blue lanyard and blue vest and pants which I carefully ironed everyday for two years and two months that I've been part of Dubai Airports.

It hasn't sunk in yet really. I can still hear the trays moving, the archways beeping and the train door to Gates A closing. I can still hear myself shouting "Baggage Reclaim" and "Taxi This Way" in Arrivals Hall. I can still hear the tiny and piercing voices of Chinese passengers who often travel in group like a pack of wolves and telling them "Ni hao!" is all what it takes for them to smile. I will yearn how Arabs say "shukran", Italians say "grazie", Spanish says "gracias", French says "merci", Germans say "danke", and Russians say "spasiba" when expressing their gratitude for helping them out. And I will not forget how Filipinos often skeptically ask me, "Pilipino?" or "Kabay…

I Want to be a Pilot

"When I grow up I want to be a pilot", said the 5 year old me during our kindergarten recognition day in 1999. I said it firm and adamant with no trace of doubts. That was my five year old self who  had no idea of what life is or what life may bring. Two decades later, I found myself in a job which is almost what I want when I was a kid. I got a job not to pilot a plane but to assist people get to their plane, conveniently. It's funny how life can be playful sometimes but anyhow, to be a pilot has long been not my dream anymore. Now, I don't really know what I want to be. I'm like a ship without a destination sailing through a vast ocean of uncertainty called life.
   What only matters now is that I'm surviving. It's the only choice left for me. Surviving each day means a day more to ponder on what will really make me happy and hoping that one day, I may be able to find my life's compass to show me direction.
   Now, if I could go back in time 2…

Overseas Depression

I came from that point in my life when depression almost consumed me but I won. Almost, that I can't write a poem anymore. I can't think of happy thoughts, I can't speak good words anymore, I can't act the way I used to before. I've been to a grey, bleak stage of my life and it drove me to the very verge of despair. I'm glad I won.
       I even deactivated all my social media accounts thinking that it'l help me and left all my friends back in the PH worrying and wondering why. For some reasons of not seeing all their whereabouts and not communicating with them somehow helped me ponder on the so many things running in my head that made me unhappy. With only me in the scene, realizations started to came one by one and I found out that the very reason why I'm unhappy was not caused by someone or something but it was caused by me. So I told myself these 5 things below:
"Neither compare yourself to others nor be envious of their achievements. Fo…