Friday, March 23, 2018

I Want to be a Pilot

      "When I grow up I want to be a pilot", said the 5 year old me during our kindergarten recognition day in 1999. I said it firm and adamant with no trace of doubts. That was my five year old self who  had no idea of what life is or what life may bring. Two decades later, I found myself in a job which is almost what I want when I was a kid. I got a job not to pilot a plane but to assist people get to their plane, conveniently. It's funny how life can be playful sometimes but anyhow, to be a pilot has long been not my dream anymore. Now, I don't really know what I want to be. I'm like a ship without a destination sailing through a vast ocean of uncertainty called life.

   What only matters now is that I'm surviving. It's the only choice left for me. Surviving each day means a day more to ponder on what will really make me happy and hoping that one day, I may be able to find my life's compass to show me direction.

   Now, if I could go back in time 20 years back, I will still utter the same words but not necessarily to drive a plane but to learn how to pilot my own life to contentment, to have a happier and more positive outlook in life and to be a better version of myself.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Overseas Depression

       I came from that point in my life when depression almost consumed me but I won. Almost, that I can't write a poem anymore. I can't think of happy thoughts, I can't speak good words anymore, I can't act the way I used to before. I've been to a grey, bleak stage of my life and it drove me to the very verge of despair. I'm glad I won.

       I even deactivated all my social media accounts thinking that it'l help me and left all my friends back in the PH worrying and wondering why. For some reasons of not seeing all their whereabouts and not communicating with them somehow helped me ponder on the so many things running in my head that made me unhappy. With only me in the scene, realizations started to came one by one and I found out that the very reason why I'm unhappy was not caused by someone or something but it was caused by me. So I told myself these 5 things below:

"Neither compare yourself to others nor be envious of their achievements. For they are the sun and you are the moon, they are shining now and you too will shine later. It's not your time yet."

       I tend to compare myself all the time to others and gets envious if people same as my age or younger already has achieved a lot or achieved something better than mine not realizing that I was hurting myself all the time. Speaking about time, yes, everyone shines if it's their time. I guess it's not my time yet.

"Count your blessings, not the problem. A blessing, no matter how small, is still a blessing."

       I came from that point in life where I no longer can handle any problem. I count problems from the biggest one to the little ones that it almost made me lose my sanity. With only problems in my head, I failed to realize those small blessings that if you compared it to others, I can say that I am truly blessed after all.

"Never see your responsibilities as a burden. View it from a different perspective and take it as a challenge instead and know that you are bound to win it in the end."

       There was a time that I no longer want to send money back home and thought of spending it all to myself. I told myself I am the one who's working but can't even buy or do things that I want out of my salary. But before it's too late, I asked myself what's the very purpose why I worked abroad. It's because of them.

"Let bygones be bygones. Learn to detach from experiences and people who came and pass into our lives. Treasure the memories and relive it if you get a chance."

       Being an overseas worker was never easy and what makes it harder is because I never really admit the fact that this is my life now. My heart and mind and soul were still back home. Every inch of me never really left the Philippines that's why I am here empty. I have to detach myself from everything about home and embrace my life as an OFW to somehow fill the emptiness.

"Be patient. Don't put too much pressure on yourself and rush all things to happen instantly. Everything will fall into place at the right time. Trust only in His will and pray. Know that He hears even your most silent prayer."

       I just have to be patient and know that everything happens for a reason. I know God is with me and I know He will answer all my prayers in the right time.

       Now, I am embracing 2018 with lots of positivity, optimism, and happiness. I thank all those people who really cared and loved me. 💕❤️

Love Your Job

     So I had this conversation with a German passenger a while ago and here's how it went.

German: Kamusta ka? Mabuti?
Me: (smiled) Mabuti. Wie geht es ihnen?
German: (shooked) Gut! You speak German?!

And the conversation started.

Although there are days I felt so exasperated about this job, situation like this somehow uplifts my spirit and boosts my morale. The amount of knowledge you'll get working in an airport is endless. And the knowledge I earned for almost 2 years working in DXB is something I can keep forever. It's priceless.

To say the least, i've learned to say "good morning/afternoon/evening" or "thank you" in different languages. It's amazing to see how a simple "como estas?" can make passengers from Spain, Mexico, or Colombia smile. It's amazing to see how "obrigado/obrigada" can come a along way when saying thanks to Brazilian and Portuguese people. And its amazing how you can brighten up the morning of Italians when you say "buon giorno!".

My point is, it's not about what your job is, it's about how much passion you put into it, it's about how you go extra mile just to deliver your job rightfully and exceed from what is expected from you.

To all fellow MIHY/Hospitality Team, never feel that you've got a lowly job. Keep your head held high and remind yourself that "I am a May I Help You of Dubai Airport and without me, this airport will be a mess!" 😄

Then the German guy left and said "salamat" and I replied "bitte schon!" (you're welcome). 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Bakit kung sino pa walang lovelife, siya pa maraming hugot?

       Out of the blue, bigla na lang sila huhugot ng napakalalalim. You laughed at first because it was funny. Nung una sing lalim lang ng balon na kita mu pa yung pinanggagalingan pero madalas, mas malalim pa sa Mariana Trench na di mo na ma-dig. Then malalaman mo na sila pala ay single? Ukininam talaga!

       They must have been through something serious para ma-provoke sila na humugot. Alamin natin kung saan nanggagagling ang emosyong nagmumula sa kaibuturan ng puso ng mga kapatid nating single.  Narito ang 8 dahilan kung bakit nga ba kung sino pa walang lovelife, siya pa maraming hugot.

1. Failed Relationship
       Una sa lahat, nanggaling sa isang failed relationship ang mga hugotero't hugotera. Labis silang umasa na yung ex nila yung the one then sa huli, hindi pala sila meant to be. Yung chill lang at smooth naman lahat but in the end, na realized niya na something sa loob niya is whispering na hindi magwoworkout relationship nila. Yung sinunod naman nila kanta ni John Legend and he've given all of him and she gave all of her in return pero wala talaga. They've become the best version of themselves naman pero ba't kulang pa rin para sa isa't isa. Huwag mong isipin na sa panahon ngayon, Motolite na lang ang tumatagal kasi kaya kayo nag-fail is because you were not meant to be. Ganun lang yun.

2. Nakaranas ma-UTI
       Mas masakit pa sa urinary tract infection ang Umasa ka Tapos Iniwan. Sinisisi mo siya kasi sabi mo siya tong pa-fall but you failed to realize na ikaw tong nakaramdam ng pag-asa and thought na bawat pagngiti niya sayo eh may ibang kahulugan when in fact, he or she is just being so friendly sayo. Now that the intention is clear, involved pa rin yung PAG-ASA but this time to tell you na may namumuong Low Pressure Area sa mga mata mo at inaasahan ang manaka-nakang pagpatak ng luha sayong mga mata at pagkulog ng iyong puso. (Sadlayp!)

3. Algophobia (Fear of Pain)
       Sila naman yung mga taong takot na sa pain kaya nagkaphobia na masaktan. Nagpakahirap kasi sila magbayo, magsaing, pero in the end, iba yung kumain. Uhhh! Worst feeling! Pero bes, wag matakot sumubok ulit. Don't let your fear consume you and remind yourself that the fear that once controlled you can't get to you at all. It's time to see what you can do. Test the limits and break through. Because there is no right or wrong, no rules for you. You're free! (Haha)

4. Martir
       Naging martir sa love ang mga kapatid nating single. Sila yung kahit harap harapan ng niloloko eh sige pa rin. Yung OK lang sa kanila masaktan at patuloy pa ring kumakapit para masabi niyang "At least, akin pa rin siya". Sigh. Yung last na martir na kilala ko ayun nakalibing ngayon sa Luneta at nakaukit ang mukha sa piso pero bes naman, hindi ka si Rizal at hindi ka kailanman magkakarebulto sa pagpapaka-martir mo. Learn to let go because the more you will force it the more na masasaktan ka. Bes, wake up.

5. Pagod na maghintay
     May mga taong single na nangawit na kakahintay ng ka-forever niya kaya puro kabitteran na lang ang alam at naging papaitan na ang puso. Kung hindi lang din daw sya magiging masaya eh damay damay na. Very wrong! Pag siya ba nahanap mo na, ise-share mo sa iba? Minsan kailangan mo rin siyang hanapin. Finding your ultimate destiny may be like finding a karayom in a haystack, mahirap pero pag nahanap mo naman siya eh parang Rebisco, ang sarap ng feeling mo. Tandaan na hindi ka magkakalovelife ng wala kang ginagawa. Anu to networking? Kikita ka ng walang gingawa? Walang ganun bes!

6. Choosy
       Huwag choosy kasi hindi ka naman yummy. Ang puso ay dapat parang carinderia na bukas para sa lahat. May mga customer na kaiinisan naten, meron yung parang wala lang, pero meron at meron talagang makakagaanan ng loob naten at makapagbibigay satin ng ngiting sing tamis ng arnibal. Yung instantly pakiramdam mo match kayo, na ikaw ang dinuguan at siya yung puto. Na ikaw ang tuyo at siya ang champorado. Siguro nga perfectionist ka and you told yourself na hindi ka mageentertain ng sino man unless lahat ng checklist mo for a dream guy or girl eh nasa kanya. Minsan sa kakahanap mo ng perfect eh diyan ka tatandang single.

7. Hindi alam ang buong konsepto ng love
       Madalas, single people don't know the whole concept of love. They don't know when love is really love, when it's only infatuation, crush, or purong libog lang. Kaya minsan ayaw nila mainlove because they are not certain sa nararamdaman nila. God placed our brain above our heart to help you and guide you through. Don't be afraid na magkamali kasi we all do. I know sometimes you are frightened but please be ready to learn the power of love (pahiram Celine Dion ng lyrics). Now is the perfect time learn love.

8. Hindi ka lang talaga gustuhin.
       Sadyang may mga hindi blessed sa Looks Department kaya walang magkagusto.  Wag mawalan ng pag asa. Si Belle nga nagustuhan si Beast. May isang prinsesa nga nagkagusto sa palaka. Pero wag umasa sa point na gaganda or gugwapo ka pag nahalikan ka ni true love because love is not always like fairytale na you will live happily ever after in the end. Looks are only instrument to attract people pero what make them  stay depends on your character, kaya magpakabait ka pa lalo. Isipin mo na lang na ang kagandahan sa pagdaan ng panahon, ay palamlam ng palamlam pero ang kapangitan ay pinagtitibay ng panahon. Kung wala talaga hanap ka rin ng pangit para it's a tie. Una palang wala na kayong lamangan and that's a very good start. Ibigin mong tunay and together reach for the stars and make this world a better place to live in. (Charot!)

       Kaya ganun nalang sila humugot kasi sucklaugh ng pinagdaanan nila. We might had been through a lot of pains and heartaches but that shouldn't stop us from living. It's what makes us human na marunong makaramdam kasi hindi tayo robot. It's still a wonderful world. Sabay-sabay natin ipag-pray over ang mga single na sa kakahugot nila ay mahanap na nila si FOREVER.  #PrayForSingles -Jon-

Sunday, November 19, 2017

What transpires during break time?

       I've got 12 hours of work each time I come to duty and you can easily tell how tiring it must be dealing with thousands of passengers each day. So, every time we're on break, we make sure to make the most out of it, grab some good food, talk and laugh with workmates and friends, and yes, PICTURES!!!

Matet, Me and Mamang

With Archie and Ate May

Florence! And she's not from Florence, Italy

Madam Ellen

       Having friends to laugh and talk to during break times somehow make a day at work lighter. -Jon-

Good People, Good Coffee

       My rest days has finally arrived after a tiring week of duty and my good friend Lira invited me and my friend for a dinner. I haven't seen her for like 6 months due to some misunderstandings and I feel like now is the best time to settle things down once and for all. We had a dinner first somewhere in Sala Al Din then after that we headed to Al Ghurair Centre and had our coffee. Laughter filled the coffee shop and I am happy to be reunited with Lira and was able to meet new good people.

4:00AM Thoughts

      I woke up today at 4:00AM, the weather is a bit cold since winter is fast approaching, and our camp is quiet and peaceful. So peaceful that it made me realize that it's almost my 1 year and 6 months of stay in this place. I still remember the first day I arrived in what will be my home for the next 2 years. I am in awe how times had gone by so fast and I couldn't be any happier to think that I'll be coming back home in few months. Whether I'll be coming back to this place or not is still uncertain. You know what they say, the only thing that is certain about this life is uncertainty.

       I've learned a lot of things during my stay here. Things I will never learn in any classroom. I had become more independent, more emotionally stable, and I had become tough. 

       Few hours later, I sleep again. -Jon-

Monday, October 16, 2017

Hugot Airport | Life and Love Lessons sa Airport

       Life is but a big airport, malawak, maingay, and you'll get lost at some point so you better heed the signs. Working in an airport is fun, I got the chance to meet different people from different countries and from all walks of life (big word!). It's amazing to find out that there are things about love and life that can be learned from an airport itself. Fasten your seat belt and let's go!

On getting to the airport on time...
    We should not be complacent just because we know we have a lot of time left and assume that everything will be smooth along the way. In life, we will trip over few bumps which will cause delay on our journey. There will be twists and turns which will consume some or much of our time. In the end, you will be in such a hurry to the point na magugulo na buong sistema. Minsan sa pagmamadali, diyan ka madadapa at matatauhan ka na if you could just turn back time, sana mas inagahan mo, sana naagapan mo, sana hanggang ngayon ay meron pang "KAYO". (Ang sakit nun!)

On check-in baggage...
    Lahat ng bagay may limitasyon, pati check in baggage mo. Lahat ng bagay may tinatawag na kapasidad, pati ang sasakyan mong eroplano. May mga bagay na pag sobra na, eh may tendency na bumigay. Take the airplane as your heart, and the baggages are the likes of heartbreaks, worries, and fears, betrayal for example. If it's too much, how would your heart feel? Kiluhin mo kasi.

On wrapping your baggage...
       Just like baggages, we have to protect things or people who matters to us. In a world full of pakialamero and mang-aagaw , wrapping people with protection is a must. Then, i pad-lock mo para mas safe.

On immigration...
    People come and go. Some are meant to stay long, some are for a short span of time, and some are indefinite, parang visa status lang. Ang masakit nito, yung taong minahal mo eh parang naka transit visa lang at nag layover sa puso mo. Yung parang kakakilala mo lang kahapon, tapos suddenly, mag-eexit na lang bigla ngayon. Next time, siguraduhin mong naka-employment visa ang puso niya para sayo para magtagal kayo. Huwag magpapadala sa mga magvivisit or tourist visa lang sa puso mo dahil hindi tourist spot ang puso mo. (Nanggigigil ako!)

On security check...
       In airport, police will scrutinize you very well before you'll be allowed to get in. Sa buhay we have to be that police who should screen select people we'll allow to get in to our lives because we can't just let all people get in. Pero ang masakit minsan, people tend to judge so easily by the way you look,  your civil status, or by the power you have. Siguro nga ganun talaga and we can't do anything about it but to prove them that you are a good person and you should be allowed to pass through. Pero huwag ka, madalas kung sino pa yung taong akala nating hindi tayo sasaktan, sila pa madalas ang mang-iiwan (ipilit natin to!)

On looking for your gate...
    Madalas kahit ang laki-laki na ng senyales na eto ang tama, dito ang daan, we pretend we did not see or hear a thing and ought to trust our own instincts. In the end, we ended up in the wrong place, in the wrong counter, in the wrong line, in the wrong gate. Parang sa love, wag kang magpakatanga so you won't end up sa maling tao. Minsan, sa kakalingon mo sa iba, yung taong magmamahal sayo ng totoo is nasa harap mo na pala. (Ughhh..grabe na to!)
On missing your flight...
       Minsan kasalanan mo rin talaga kung bakit ka naiwan! Don't blame it to others kasi ikaw rin naman ang may dahilan. Siguro nga nagkulang ka sa time.  Baka siguro inaakala mo na andiyan siya lagi sayo to the point na napaka-kampante mo na. (Wag ganun bes!)

While inside the plane...
    Hindi ka makakapili ng taong makakatabi mo or makakasalamuha mo (not unless First Class passenger ka). Assuming that life's journey is in an economy seat, some people will piss us off, some will make us smile, at may mga taong makakagaanan ng ating loob. Don't stress yourself to people spurring negativity on you because what's important is to reach your destination. And while you are not there yet, enjoy the ride, sit back, and relax. (Walang hugot, serious muna.)

On your flight...
     Plane ride is like a relationship eh, ang dame mong pagdadaanan muna, minsan smooth lang, minsan may turbulence na itetest kung ganu kayo katatag. Kapit lang sabi ng tarsier ang keep your head held high sabi ng giraff and pray.

       Finally, after a long and tiring journey, you've reached your destination and you're happy. You're relieved that the journey is over and you told yourself there's a lot of de-stressing and pampering to do. Suddenly, you realized that your next journey is about to begin. See, life is but a series of endless journeys and while we are bound to it, we might as well enjoy it. Sabi nga ni Jeanne Stein, "Life may not be the party we hoped for...but while we're here, we may as well dance."

       Ayoko na, ang sakit-sakit na. :(

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

8 Common Misconceptions about working in a Call Center

          Call Center or Business Process Outsourcing is one of the booming and most promising industry in the corporate world in the Philippines. Contact centers are teeming the capital region and other places in the country offering thousands of jobs. It cannot be denied that it’s a major economy booster and plays a vital role in the country's economy. It had mushroomed in a span of few years and are now almost everywhere. It cannot be stopped (Well as far as foreign companies are willing to outsource with us and as long as we can speak English).

            It’s in the year 2013 when I became part of this industry. Before, I had a little idea of what a call center is. To say the least, I actually thought that call center agents only sell credit cards. I had several thoughts about this industry. Later on I had found out that some are true but some are misconceptions. I asked my colleagues in the BPO about their misconceptions and also asked some non-BPO friends to share what they think about working in a call center is and the industry itself. Below are the common misconceptions they have. I also gave each misconceptions a rating from 1-5, 5 being the highest to state the level of its falsehood.

It's a job for the uneducated and the brain dead

First, we need to know what are the parameters used for them to say Call Center is for the “uneducated”. This industry accepts High School graduate, those who have at least 2 years in college, and some really requires College degree. If high school is not “pinag-aralan”, then what it is called?

          Many will be called but few will be chosen. The interviews here are nerve-wracking. But that’s just the first stage. I remember when I applied for my second BPO when I cannot find pleasure signing my job offer because I know I still have to pass rigorous assessments like the Communications Training, the Product/Process Training and the Nesting. Then there’s probationary period of 6 months where in you need to pass certain scorecards.

          In every call, one must know how to do multitasking. You talk to a caller in a most friendly manner then you must be able to answer all their questions and provide resolution to their queries and concerns during that call. We do it quick and efficient for we have to hit our Average Handle Time target and we don’t want our caller to send us back bad surveys. Then you call this a job for the uneducated? You think again!

It’s a NO-CHOICE job

When my friends are applying for a job, I would tell them to try to apply in a Call Center. Then they will say “Pag di ako natanggap sa mga inaplayan ko, mag-aaply ako jan.”(If I will not be hired to those where I applied for, I will apply there.” It is as if Call Center is their last choice. I cannot blame them if they want to pursue the job based on their courses in college. And yes there is no BS in Call Center in college so I bet no one ever dreamed of being in this industry while they are studying still. I am a graduate of Computer Science and I didn’t pursue jobs related to it for some reasons. The Call Center industry is so diverse and is open to all people who had finished different courses. Some are registered nurses, some are licensed teachers, and like me, some are IT graduates. We are all here not really because we can't find a job commensurate to our college degree, but most of us had preferred to earn more. This is not a so-so job. This is not for the sub standards. Well if this is your last resort, make sure you can do the things I’ve written in number 1.

It’s an easy job
                This is a BIG NO. If others are thinking that just taking in calls is easy, then they might want to try to be an agent for at least a month and get back to me on that. Our job is to take calls and provide solutions to each call. A quarter of that calls have undesirable customers who will scream at you and you have to pacify them and remain calm no matter what.  Our schedules are rotating from late in the evening to the wee hours of the morning. And it’s hard to sleep in the morning and there were days we’ll go to work sleepless. Every day we prayed to God to spare us from bad creatures of the night like robbers and hold-uppers. Lastly, there are no such things as bad weather and holidays in this industry. You still think this job is easy? Call Center agents are flexible, quick thinkers and problem solvers. 

     You should have that “accent”
On trainings, we are taught to have neutral accent, an accent that can be understood universally. Most callers over the phone know that they are not talking to someone in their own country so you really don’t have to sound like them. Although we Filipinos can mimic their accents, it is really not required but if you can handle it then that’s good for you. For as long as callers can understand you and you can keep the conversation going and you are able to provide solutions to their concerns, then callers will not care about your accent at all. But there are some customers, for some reasons, who don’t feel comfortable speaking to other nationality. Don’t fret. It’s normal. Go ahead and transfer them.

Others say “cen-ter”, we say it “cenner”! (Haha)

      Call Center agents are vicious

There are a lot of agents who smoke. When I asked them why (since I’m not smoking), they say it’s their way of coping with the stress. On drinking, I believe they are already a drinker before they joined BPO (like me). Because of the nature of the job and the extra hundreds in their pockets, they tend to drink more than others. I have heard some are into drugs but for me it’s an isolated case and is also happening to different sectors. I had never seen anyone doing this thing in my almost 3 years of being an agent. Trust me. You can definitely survive in the call center even if you’re not a smoker, drinker or whatsoever. It’s not true that once you’ve become an agent, you will learn to have all these vices.

      It pays huge salary

We may be speaking in English but our pockets don’t speak dollars. We’re above the minimum wage and this industry pays better. Salary can range from 15-20K, plus a meal and transportation allowance that starts at 2K, then a night differential that starts at 20% if you’re shift falls under 10PM-6AM. Then deduct the withholding taxes, mandatory deductions like SSS, PhilHealth, PAG-IBIG (which is of course applies to every job). You’re net pay per 2 weeks will play around 10K. Then it also depends on the nature of the account that you will be handling. If it’s a Sales account, an incentive will likely be given to you provided you hit the sales target. For technical account, there may be a so-called technical allowance. And for pure customer service accounts, there may be incentives if you have good surveys from your customers of if you have perfect attendance, no tardiness and the like. It’s the discretion of the company or the management if they will be giving those extras.

      Call Center agents are liberated and promiscuous

                  Don't stereotype! There are some maybe but I can say most of them are not. Due to popularity, call center agents seemed to be in the spotlight and people tend to judge us as a whole in every facet. Promiscuity can happen to different sectors of the corporate world and it's not right to generalize us just because you saw one or two. There is no study that proves this allegation so we can shrug this off at this time.
      Most Call Center agents have HIV

                This, for me, is the most embarrassing misconception anyone can throw mud at a call center agent. In three years as an agent, I have not met any agent who is infected. There may be few out there but the prevalence is still low but alarming to say the least.There is a study from the UP Population Institute entitled “Lifestyle and Reproductive Health Issues of Young Professionals in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu” shedding some light on this matter.  Whilst the government is doing all their efforts to address this issue, we agents should be wary about this and should park at our own risk.

               Being a call center agent is fun. Other than coming to work late in the evening or  going back home in the wee hours of the morning, it is just like any other job that requires physical and mental prowess. There's more to being a call center agent other than the fact that they do wear thick jackets and have always a tumbler on hand. I hope this blog had enlightened all our minds. -Jon-

How to Invest in the Philippine Stock Market: For Beginners

What is Stock Market and Stocks?

     Before we start, let us first define what a stock market is. A stock market, equity market or share market is the aggregation of buyers and sellers (a loose network of economic transactions, not a physical facility or discrete entity) of stocks (also called shares); these may include securities listed on a stock exchange as well as those only traded privately. 

     A stock is a type of security that signifies ownership in a corporation and represents a claim on part of the corporation's assets and earnings.
There are two main types of stock: common and preferred. Common stock usually entitles the owner to vote at shareholders' meetings and to receive dividends. Preferred stock generally does not have voting rights, but has a higher claim on assets and earnings than the common shares. For example, owners of preferred stock receive dividends before common shareholders and have priority in the event that a company goes bankrupt and is liquidated. Also known as "shares" or "equity." 

     So now, you already have the idea of what stocks is, right? You might be excited to be a co-owner of any company  listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange. I was so thrilled when I first bought my very first stock, it was DMCI. I was like "I'm a co-owner of DMCI!". It may be for only few hundred stocks but still I can say that I am now part of the company. For complete list for company available for the public, please see Pesobility.

     Way back in college, I already knew what stocks and stock market is. I have done extensive research on how does it work. And when I finally graduated in college and went here in Manila, I knew that it was the right time. But it took me almost 2 years working here in Manila before I finally decided to invest in the stock market. By the way, I have read Bo Sanchez's book "My Maid Invests in the Stock Market". I am telling it is written in a manner that can be easily understood by everyone. I am a graduate of BS Computer Science and never we had a subject that tackles economy or the market. Investing is not only for those who finished business courses. And yes, Sanchez's maid even invested in the stock market. So if she can, we DEFINITELY CAN too!
The Book that inspires me to Invest

Find an Online Broker

       I prefer to have an online broker rather than having an actual person who will deal with my stocks. There are a lot of online broker available but I feared I will end up in a scam website so I did extensive research. Having read the book above, Sanchez's suggested the COL FINANCIAL so I started from there. Knowing him as a motivational and inspirational speaker, these reasons are enough for me not to doubt the  credibility of the company. They are the only online broker that is listed in the Philippine Stock Market so that means you can buy shares from them too and you can be their co-owner. So I finally decided to go to their office and open an account.

      They are just located at 24th F, TekTite Towers, Exchange Rd, Ortigas Center, Pasig 1605. See the maps and picture below.

Philippine Stock Exchange, Ortigas

If you're not good on directions, here.

      They will ask you to fill up a form. Don't forget to bring at least 2 valid ID's. You can pay upfront the PHP5000.00 but it my case I paid a week after via Metrobank. Once you accomplished the form, in 1-3 business days they will send your account number via email. But there will be no password yet not until you deposited the PHP5000.00. So I go to MetroBank and fill up a  Payment Form there, scanned the receipt and sent it to After one day, they sent me my password and there, I now have my account. I changed the password and I can see the PHP5000.00 reflected in my account. The amount you deposited will be your initial fund to buy stocks. It is not even a membership fee. I could say joining COL FINANCIAL is free.
Metrobank Payment Slip

Getting Started

       You should be excited by now to buy your first stocks. You can actually attend a seminar for free at the COL Financial office. Just go to their website and register. Below is a tutorial from COL's Youtube Account about getting started. For more tutorials, just visit their channel.


Iontophoresis: The Best Cure to Hyperidrosis

       Let me first define what hyperidrosis is. It is simply excessive or profuse sweating on palms, feet, and other parts of the body. But today, we will focus only on the palmar (palm) and plantar (feet) hyperidrosis. According to "", at least 3% of the global population suffers from excessive sweating, also known medically as hyperhidrosis. How many people is 3%? It's 220,470,000! That's right: at least 220 MILLION people are just like you. They may be sweating on different body areas for different reasons. But they are all dealing with excessive sweating and so are we. For all those suffering from this, you are not alone. I'm with you. Yes, I myself have both palmar and plantar hyperidrosis and I know exactly how it affects your almost daily life. It's embarassing that you can't shake hands with someone whom your friend or colleague introduced you to for example. It's embarassing when you can't "high-five" with someone when expressing joy or excitement. Everything is embarrasing. It made me more embarrassed when I could not even find a cure. I tried almost every possible remedy but none of them works for me. To tell you what, I even pee on my feet and hands every morning because that's what my parents told me. I have also tried to use Driclor for few months but I don't think it worked for me. It's like a roll-on deodorant that you will apply on your palms before you sleep. None  seems to work for me not until I discovered a new technology. A technology I didn't know we had in home since I was young!

      The technology was Iontophoresis. It is a technique of introducing ionic medicinal compounds into the body through the skin by applying a local electric current. At first I thought its a scary thing letting electric current pass through your palms but it is really not that hurtful than what I expected. I have never felt my hand so dry my entire life even when its 12:00 noon when the sun is at its hottest. Iontophoresis is an answered prayer for me. If it works for me then it will definitely work for you too.
Iontophoresis Device
         The photo above is the Iontophoresis device. Now to help you more on how to do it and where to get it. Please see the tutorial below.

Basically what you need are:
1. Battery
2. Aluminum plates
3. Alligator clip
4. Warm water

It requires a lot of patience but you will be surprised by  the results!

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